Cake Snowflake Plunger Cutter

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Cookie Cutters, Biscuit Cutter, Pastry Cutter The Cookie Cutter People Best Star Cookie Cutter Set is the perfect kitchen gadget addition for baking and decorating cookies with your kids. The cookie cutter set is unique and various colors. Use the cutters to slice and shape various foods such as cookie dough, cheese, vegetables, fruits and bread, and allow kids to cut out wonderful shapes in Play Doh. Edges are purposefully made wider allowing for children to safely play with the cutters. When finished using, the cutters are dishwasher safe and may be stowed away simply within each other in an efficient and concise manner. Have fun with your kids in the kitchen with Internet's Best Cookie Cutter Set. Simply stow away in an efficient and concise manner as each cutter unit fits within the larger. However, they are not dishwasher-safe and should be hand washed in warm, soapy water and towel dried.

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